Colonized by Italians and Germans, Marechal Floriano is a small and charming town in the mountains of Espírito Santo, whose colonizers' traditions are preserved till today either typical cuisine or life style or cultural celebrations, among them - Italemanha.

It is known as the town of the orchids and it is composed of numberless natural beauties, such as waterfalls and forests, and 52% of its territory is occupied by the exuberant Atlantic Forest.

Here, it is possible to see and purchase delicate and rare orchids from the orchids gardens in the region, rest and have fun breathing a lot of pure air, considered the third best in the world!

Orchid gardens, zoos, waterfalls, wild animals breeding farms, , the Railroad Station, the Marechal Floriano Cultural Center, Araguaya and the Bufallo Bill Dancing Club are other attractions you can't miss in our very beautiful town.